Reliable partner in logistics and distribution

From the time of our establishment, we focus on providing quality and professional services in outlander and inlander deliveries.

We grew over time, expanded our truck equipment and developed our team's skills to manage our logistics processes.

Thanks to our proven reliability and expertise, we can become reliable partners of various companies, focusing on logistics and distribution. We have established strong relationships with these companies and have created a trusted and long-term client base.

We can provide the transportation with our own trucks or with our partners trucks, in Romania and in Europe.
Our activities are divided into two categories:
  • Administering Logistics Processes: Order transactions, Warehouse Management, Packet Deliveries, and Delivering to Beneficiaries.
  • External and internal distribution of goods: we provide the delivery of the goods and the import, depending from the requirements.

Why choose us?

  • Expertise and seriousness
  • Appropriate prices
  • Free consultation
  • Non-stop standby
  • Making logistics processes more efficient
  • Transporting in safe conditions
  • Equipped to European standards
For more information about our activities and how to help you logistics processes more efficient, contact us!!